CDG Claim Submission Checklist

CDG Claim Submission Checklist

Please prepare the documents required according to the type of claim submission before logging on
to the SPRING Grant Portal for your claim submission. The documents should be uploaded onto the
Portal unless otherwise stated.

For first-time grant applicants, please fill in the GIRO form for a one-time set up of the GIRO account.
Send the original GIRO form by Post to SPRING at:
Attn: Finance Department
1 Fusionopolis Walk, #01-02 South Tower, Solaris
Singapore 138628

INTERIM CLAIM on Declaration
(Applicable for projects approved from 10th Feb 2014 onwards with qualifying project period ≥ 1 year; to be
submitted after 6th month mark)

Interim Project Report 

(Also applicable to interim claim for projects approved before 10th Feb 2014.)
Final Project Report (click here for template)
Supporting Documents for Cost Items – To upload onto the Portal or send by Post to
appointed auditor.

  • Salary – CPF statement (any 1 month within the project period per staff) or employment pass/work permit for foreign employees
  • Equipment & Software – Invoices, Delivery Orders, Receipts & Hire-purchase agreement if applicable
  • Other Costs – Invoices & Receipts
    (Airfare; Training; Materials & Consumables; Consultancy; Mystery Audit; IP Rights Acquisition; IP
    Registration; Testing & Certification; Relocation; Audit Fee; Others)

Certificates (Only applicable to Enhancing Quality & Standards projects)
Copy of S Class Health Check Application Form & Payment Receipt (Only applicable to Service
Excellence projects, unless otherwise exempted)

Please ensure the actual expenses stated in your claim summary table (excluding GST)
correspond with the amount in the supporting documents. If the supporting document includes
items you are not claiming for, please highlight only those that you are claiming for.

For Human Capital Development – Leadership Development (Interim and Final
Scholarship Deed (for Degree & MBA courses)
Certificate/Latest Examination Transcript/Exam Results
Supporting Documents for Cost ItemsOption to upload onto Portal or send to appointed
auditor by Post.

  • Course Fees – Invoices & Receipts

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