How to use CDG grant


Case Study One

Joseph is the Human Resource Manager (HRM) of a restaurant company in Singapore. The firm franchise has more than 12 different branches operating in different parts of Singapore. Each of these companies has 10 to 15 qualified professionals working for full time and part time to ensure that the firm is having sufficient manpower. In total, the entire company is having a head count of around 120 staff including the higher management and HRM himself.

Seeing the rapid growth of their company, Joseph has taken the decision to upgrade their recruitment software in order to better manage the employees’ record and data, and tackle the growing number of employees.

The new software will help him to enhance performance reviews, reporting and streamlining of data, payroll management and other aspects of recruitment. The new HR system also will help to improve the departmental capabilities of HR and his executive team so that they can focus on core job tasks.

If the entire HR software upgrade will cost $10000, HR consultation fee be $2000, then the IT firm will need to pay on 30% of the total cost which means $3600.

Case Study Two

In recent times, a shift towards online shopping has been seen and retail has become difficult more than ever. The competition is getting tough. On one hand, there is huge burden of rental expenses on the company, on the other, more and more aspirants are lining up to open their own retail store and start business. Kasa is a fashionable clothes company that has 5 branches of it operating in Singapore. Remember, when we talk about fashionable clothes, we remember only the powerful brands while shopping.

Kasa, on the other hand is indeed a good quality material provider but gets poor sales due to high competition. The company plans to improve their brand’s visibility and power so that more and more consumers get aware and start liking the brand. Moreover, the brand also plans to start up with their own ecommerce store to enhance their sale network and save their rental expenses. Here the expenditure will come to fractions of original through CDG grant.

If you also have such a situation, you can use CDG:


Remember, you must have a strong planning before submit your application.


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