SME owners can use
CDG Grant to defray
up to 70% of the cost of
qualifying projects!

Ready for the next phase of growth? The Capability Development Grant (CDG) is ready to bring up your business to next level.

CDG Grant

CDG stands for Capability Development Grant. CDG Grant is a financial assistance program that helps a business owner to build his or her capabilities across 10 key business areas, ranging from adopting new technologies to raising the service standards, from overseas expansion to staff training etc. This grant lends support to a wide range of capabilities that upgrade the initiatives to help the business grow locally and globally.


The CDG grant funds up to 70%* of the qualitative project costs such as training, certification, increasing productivity, product development, process improvement and market access. In order to encourage more SMEs to build the business capabilities, the process of application of the grant support of S$30,000 or less. Now you can simply get application forms and pass away with reduced documentation requirements for such projects.


SPRING’s enhanced funding support of up to 70% would be effective for three years until 31 March 2018.

CDG Eligibility

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that meet the following criteria are eligible:

Registered and operating
in Singapore

Minimum 30% Singaporean

Group annual sales turnover of under
SGD 100million OR total employees
of under 200

10 CDG Development Areas

Brand & Marketing Strategy Development

Provides strategic direction to raise your company’s profile, highlight your value proposition and extend the global network of your business.

Business Excellence

Enhance your management systems for improving the performance of your organization.

Business Strategy Innovation

Use a structured approach to turn your vision into new or improved products or services, and sharpen your competitive edge.

Enhancing Quality and Standards

Adopt standards to improve your business processes, increase competitiveness, enhance the credibility of your business and search new revenue opportunities.

Financial Management

Enhance your financial management capabilities and manage your financial resources in a better way.

Human Capital Development

Invest in human resources and implement strategies to attract, develop and retain your employees.

Intellectual Property & Franchising

Protect your intellectual property to uphold your business and sharpen your competitive edge.

Productivity Improvement

Improve workflow processes and optimize the allocation of resources to improve your productivity.

Service Excellence

Enhance service delivery and adopt service innovation to make your customers happy.

Technology Innovation

Strengthen your technology innovation capabilities and improve your products and services.

CDG Grant Program

What can I do with CDG Grant Program?

Under the ares of Brand & Marketing Strategy Development, you can do with

Brand Development: Businesses can enhance their brand competitiveness and grow their market share by executing a well-planned brand development strategy. It also helps SMEs build customer loyalty and increase brand value.

Supported Activities:

  • Conducting a brand audit
  • Developing and reinforcing brand position and brand strategy
  • Conducting brand advisory and education


Marketing Strategy Development: An effective marketing strategy helps SMEs understand their target audience and move in a right direction to support their marketing efforts.

Supported Activities:

  • Conducting market research and devising a strong market strategy
  • Defining target markets and market positioning
  • Implementing roadmap to accomplish marketing objectives
Under the area of Business Excellence, you can do with:

SMEs can improve their management systems and processes by reviewing the various facets of organization  and developing  a strategic roadmap that enhances the organization’s performance.

Supported Activities:

  • Creating a comprehensive review of the organization
  • Creating a strategic roadmap of development
  • Preparing for and doing a BE assessment
Under the area of Business Strategy Innovation for SMEs, you can do with:

SMEs can make use of several innovative tools and methodologies to create new products, services , solve operational problems and enhance customer experience.

Supported Activities:

  • Recognizing the strengths and weaknesses of the organization through structured analysis
  • Recognizing, ranking and creating innovative ideas as per the latest market trends.
  • Creating roadmaps for enhancing organizational culture, bringing new products and services, improving customer experience, and expanding to new markets.
Under the area of Enhancing Quality and Standards, you can do with:

SMEs can improve their processes, increase competitiveness and enhance the quality of their products and services by implementing international or industry standards.

Supported Activities:

  • ISO 22301 Certification on Business Continuity Management Systems
  • ISO 22000 Certificate on Food Safety Management Systems
  • ISO 50001 Certification on Energy Management Systems
  • API Certifications
  • AS 9100 Certification on Quality Management System
Under the area of Financial Management, you can do with:

SMEs can improve their financial management capabilities to better manage their resources for future growth and develop financial flexibility.

Supported Activities:

  • Building a financial framework
  • Creating a financial strategy to enhance business expansion plans
  • Planning strategies to accomplish financial objectives and meet financial challenges
  • Deploying financial systems and processes to improve financial flexibility
  • Creating a framework to promote inorganic growth
Under the area of Human Capital Development, you can do with:

Creating a strong foundation for business sustainability, implementing effective HR practices, implementing a strong organizational culture and recruiting and retaining talents.

Supported Activities:

  • Implementing HR management and development processes and best practices in different areas
  • Reinforcing leadership capabilities and building a roadmap for future leaders
Under the area of Intellectual Property & Franchising, you can do with:

Small- and medium-sized enterprises can leverage their intellectual property to gain a competitive edge and defer sustainable profits.

Supported Activities:

  • Establishing IP management capabilities
  • Auditing a franchising system
  • Creating and deploying a franchising system
Under the area of Productivity Improvement, you can do with:

SMEs can implement projects and initiates to enhance the business processes and optimize the allocation of resources for increasing productivity.

Supported Activities:

  • Employing Productivity Consultants to streamline business processes
  • Optimizing human resource allocation and planning
  • Implementing projects to enhance the efficiency of business operations
  • Enhancing land productivity
Under the area of Service Excellence, you can do with:

Small- and medium-sized enterprises that are in the hospitality, food and beverage, healthcare, transport, travel and retail industry can strive for service excellence by embarking on innovative projects.

Supported Activities:

  • Employing service excellence consultants to design and review service systems
  • Deploying advanced technological solutions to improve customer engagement, service process efficiency and loyalty
Under the area of Technology Innovation, you can do with:

SMEs can reinforce their technological innovation capabilities to develop technological ideas, products, services and improve market competitiveness.

Supported Activities:

  • Taking advantage of technology for new product development
  • Applying technology in innovative ways for business growth
  • Employing technology experts to develop SME’s in-house R&D capabilities
  • Embarking on individual or joint projects to implement new technology

What to note when applying for CDG

  1. Must prepare latest ACRA Search or Instant Information (that is within the past 6 months) of your Company and your Corporate Shareholders if applicable. It is refers to the ACRA Business Profile issued by ACRA.
  2. Must prepare latest Audited Financial Statements (that is within the past 1 year) of your Company and Consolidated Financial Statement of your ultimate parent company if applicable. Audited Financial Statements refers to financial statements which have been prepared and audited by a Certified Public Accountant in Singapore.
  3. Must prepare your company’s Project Proposal and read the guidelines to understand before writing up the proposal.
  4. Must prepare proof of quotations relevant to the project cost items. Relevant Proof of Quotation is an official quotation document prepared by the project consultant or vendor.

Find out CDG CLAIM SUBMISSION CHECKLIST before you submit CDG application

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